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Fiji Travel Guide

Fiji is a collection (or archipelago) of islands found in the South Pacific Ocean. Around 110 of the 332 islands are inhabited by the friendly and welcoming Fijians

There are several larger islands which are popular on the tourist trail and none will disappoint with blue waters, sandy beaches and friendly locals

In most resorts you will be treated to a welcome ceremony, often with Kava - this is a great way to begin to your Fijian adventure and puts you in the mood to do as little or as much as you want during your stay.


One of the most popular islands to visit in Fiji is Mantaray Island. If you find yourself travelling on the mainland, on a ferry, eating at a cafe or just checking out other popular dive spots, you will hear about Mantaray Island on your travels! Located up in the majestic Yasawa Islands amongst many other treasures is this home away from home, hidden away from all of the other islands. Mantaray is one of the cheapest and best dive spots in Fiji - especially for beginners. Diving is an all year round activity but if you are visiting in hope to see the Mantarays then April through to September is the best time of year to plan your stay.



BULA BULA TO EVERYONE ALL THE WAY FROM THE WONDERFUL FIJI ISLANDS! What an amazing place, from the moment you step foot off the plane into Nadi Airport, a heat wave greets you along with lots of smiles and "Bulas!!". If you are planning a trip to Fiji whether it be for work or for a holiday then there are many attractions and islands that you will want to add to your to-do list. For me, I was off to the Mamanucas Islands.