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Melbourne Travel Guide

If you’re feeling a bit antsy and nothing is really doing it for you in Australia, then Melbourne will get you back on the straight and narrow. With more style and sophistication than anywhere else in Australia, and home to that well-known TV show 'Neighbours', this City knows how to party and it knows how to do it in style.

Best of all for all backpackers, the CBD streets are like a grid, so its easy to navigate your way around and those lovely streets are lined with some of the best eating and drinking establishments in the country as well as plenty of hidden little alleyways with great little shops and bars. In Melbourne, there is always something even better beneath the surface.

welcome to penguin parade sign

When you are living in a backpackers environment and you're not sure what local activities to do, the best thing to do is to speak to other backpackers to see what they recommend. I walked around Nomads Melbourne and asked for advice. I already heard some good stories from friends who hired a car and went to Phillip Island. I was enthusiastic when I heard them talk about the stunning beaches and the general vibe on the island. Unfortunately, they could not see the Penguin Parade that the island is famous for without tickets or going a tour.


sunset 12 apostles

Tour or car, tour or car? That is the big question when you visit Melbourne and want to see the Great Ocean Road.

At Nomads Melbourne I met another Dutchie in the Laundry room. We decided to treat ourselves to a tour instead of hiring a car and having to drive ourselves. Besides that, I am also a big fan of absorbing information so I sat at the front of the tour bus so I could ask the tour guide whatever I wanted, GREAT!


Westfield Doncaster

Melbourne is a shopper's paradise! Being from LA I appreciate a good mall when I find one and Melbourne has an abundance of them. This is the first city I have been to in Australia where I have found outlet malls; I love a good deal. To start with, just up the road from us here at Nomads All Nations, is Spencer Outlets in Southern Cross Station. You can't beat sandals from Factorie for $2!



Have you ever seen hundreds of penguins just one foot high? If not the reason could be you haven't been to Phillip Island. Phillip Island is a small island in the South of Victoria with 97 km of beautiful coastline. I booked a day trip with Wildlife Tours to get there and it was definitely worth it!



Melbourne is known as Australia's Cultural and Sporting Capital and there's a good reason why. All the major Music Acts that visit Australia invariably play somewhere in Melbourne and all of Australia's major sporting events seem to be held in Victoria's capital city.

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Melbourne is not just a cultural mecca and cosmopolitan city, if you fancy just sitting on the beach with a few drinks, even that’s possible while you’re in Melbourne! The St Kilda area of Melbourne is very well known and it's only a short tram ride from the city centre. I've been there a few times now, since I arrived in Melbourne a few weeks ago, because it’s a great place to relax and enjoy a sea breeze while you’re staying in Melbourne and who doesn't enjoy hanging out at the beach?


Mt Buller Skifields

I don't like the cold and I sure as hell don't have the skills required to successfully navigate a piece of well shaped wood down an icy mountain. Nevertheless we packed our day bags and ventured forth 3 1/2 hrs out of Melbourne to join other snowsport enthusiasts at Mt Buller.

We left the comfort of our warm beds at Nomads All Nations at 6am 0_O to get there just before lunch, leaving plenty of time to make snowmen, snow angels, throw snowballs and of course snowboard!



It's getting colder and the sun is not shining every day... winter is on its way. Of course this doesn't mean that you have to sit inside all day. There are plenty of things to do in Melbourne at all times of the year. When it's a bit colder why not try some, or all, of the activities mentioned below.


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